First Steps With TurboGears

Now that you have learnt what is TurboGears and how to install it, you want to get your hands dirty with it. This is really nice. I’m glad you’ve decided to do that. You won’t regret this decision. TurboGears is like that guitar you have always wanted to buy. Now that you have it, you can start to rock.

Let’s go into our virtual environment and quickstart a project.

cd ~/projects/tg2env
source bin/activate
paster quickstart -x -n -m example
cd example
python develop
paster serve development.ini

What have we done:

  • Went into our virtual environment and activated it.
  • Created a project called “example” with no sqlalchemy, no authentication and authorization and with mako templates.
  • We have initiated the project and ran the server.

Let’s see how “” looks like.

Now go ahead and play along with it. Discover TurboGears. You can ask anything via the comments.

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3 Responses to First Steps With TurboGears

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  2. Cedrick Vincent B. Lidasan says:

    Hi there,
    I want to use TurboGears in my school project. I need to create a mini-system or a website or web application that would automate transactions in one of the offices in our university. But before I will choose what kind of project I will be doing, I need to know the strengths of the TurboGears so that I could make sure that the project I will be doing would maximize the function of TurboGears.

    What are the strengths of TurboGears?
    What are common output of TurboGears project?
    Do you have an example of a running TurboGears project on the web?

    I hope you could help me. Thanks 🙂

    • mengukagan says:

      Hi Cedrick,

      TurboGears is a very powerful framework. You can happily use it for a very heavy application or just a simple application. It won’t matter at all. For example is using TurboGears for its project management tool named allura.

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