Introduction to TurboGears

Welcome to the TurboGears Log blog.

The purpose of this blog is to explore TurboGears from a beginner’s point of view. We will be posting on TurboGears until we feel it’s enough.

TurboGears is a powerful, full stack MVC web development framework. It comes with its own decisions, yet it is flexible enough to choose your own tools. What TurboGears has for you?

  • SQLAlchemy (PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, etc.)
  • Ming ORM for MongoDB
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Jinja2, Mako or Genshi templating
  • Administration interface
  • Easy form generation
  • Object dispatch
  • Easy session management
  • Easy cache management

TurboGears is fast enough, if you wonder about the performance. We had deployed a TurboGears application that had ~2K/sec connections. The setup also had nginx and uWSGI but this is another subject in this blog’s roadmap.

You can get very productive with TurboGears quickly.  Using TurboGears is very easy. TurboGears has a decent documentation that will be better in the near future. When you get stuck you can ask questions in the TurboGears mailing list or the IRC channel on Freenode network.

Let’s go ahead and install TurboGears.

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