Let’s learn TurboGears.

You have tried some other Python web framework and you are not satisfied with it or you are a Python newbie looking for a Python web framework. You have heard about TurboGears somehow and want to learn it. You are interested in it, it seems joyful, it seems fast, it seems productive. You want to learn TurboGears.

Welcome to the bright side, my apprentice. Your guide we will be with this TurboGears journey. We will re-learn TurboGears and you will learn TurboGears.

Welcome again.

If you want to know more about me you can visit my personal blog at http://www.mengu.net and I have a little start-up that might interest you. It’s a web application where you can post references about your previous employers and if you wish you can read what others have posted. Pay a visit to Compector.


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